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The Return of Lorde
The New York Times Magazine | Jonah Weiner
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I find Lorde as an artist quite interesting.   This write-up was beautifully written and reminded me again of how smart Lorde is in the way she approaches her music.  I remember reading once about Britney Spears who said that writing pop music was hard –really hard.  And while it’s easy and trendy to sometimes make fun of it, there is a real artistry to it, and those who can master it, have done something brilliant with it, they have something special.  It stayed with me because I had not really thought much of it –pop is so plentiful, anyone can do it, right?  She set me straight.  And Lorde gets that too.


Airlines Like United Can Underpay Bumped Passengers Because of a Government Rule
Harvard Business Review | Rafi Mohammede
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Oh snap…


10 phrases that will make you a better leader
Medium | SmartBrief on Leadership | Dan McCarthy
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The first phrase on the list?  Ask, “How can I be a better leader?” —this is one of those simple stop and BE PRESENT type of phrases and it seems so simple it’s easy to gloss over.  But when faced with a trying situation, I challenge you to use it because it’s brilliant in making you pause and reflect and I find you can usually come up with an answer pretty quickly.  The trick?  Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and ask what would they need or want from you?  This phrase is one of my favorites to use as a parent.  When your child is going wild and you’re about to lose it yourself, ask how you can be a better parent.  I know it instantly calms me…because it’s not really about me at all.  It’s always about how you can be there for them.

What to expect when you’re done expecting: visualizing the data of parenting
Medium | freeCodeCamp | Henrik Lindberg
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Another parenting one, forgive me, I’m a working mother to a toddler and sometimes it’s all consuming!  And while yes, yes, I’m always tired, I try really hard to remember that I used to say I was always tired even before I have kids.  My child sleeps through the night…it’s not about restful sleep (or at least, it’s not all about that), it’s about the go-go-go of life.  And when I fret about not having time time I desire for hobbies or personal passions, it is too easy to fall into the trap of thinking of if I wasn’t a parent I could get all of these done.  But let’s be real, I used to watch a lot of television.


Logan Square Now Cocktail Bar Capital Of Chicago, But Has It Gone Too Far?
DNAinfo | Mina Bloom
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I love my neighborhood here in Logan Square and the development these last few years has been crazy.  It feels like every time I walk down the street I see something new popping up and yes, they do tend to be bars.  However, as the article points out, there’s plenty of space if you come willing to do your own thing.



In case you missed it

@HerCurator Recents
Her Curator (@hercurator) | Twitter

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  7. Even democrats didn’t mess with precedent when it came to the Supreme Court. Isn’t the whole point to find some common ground? #disappointed
  8. An entrancing #longread: The Return of Lorde @jonahweiner @NYTmag #music



Just for fun I thought I would share a random song each week that I stumbled upon.

Introspection as Escapism

Oh what a week it has been.  I used to retreat into the news for knowledge, awareness, maybe a little entertainment, but the politics have really started to wear me down.

Crash: how computers are setting us up for disaster
Tim Harford | The Guardian


I cannot wait for self-driving cars, but it’s hard to deny the concerns around computers taking over everything and how we will evolve to manage it.

Our Supreme Meme Leader
Justin Charity | The Ringer


I thought we were laughing so we wouldn’t start crying, but maybe making a joke of it isn’t helping.

When drifting off to exile inside yourself reaches a point of diminishing returns
Nametagscott | Medium


What will be your “agent of transformation”?

Electrical Currents Could Heal Cavities, No Drill Needed
Hannah Poindexter | OMGFacts

Just a quick read on advancements in dental care.  While I don’t have a phobia of going to the dentist I have had some bad experiences so I am always thrilled when any improvements are made!

Seventeen photos of the stunning inaugural ball gowns worn by first ladies over the last 50 years
Sarah Jacobs | Business Insider

An interesting snapshot into history.



Just for fun I thought I would share a song each week that I stumbled upon.