Introspection as Escapism

Oh what a week it has been.  I used to retreat into the news for knowledge, awareness, maybe a little entertainment, but the politics have really started to wear me down.

Crash: how computers are setting us up for disaster
Tim Harford | The Guardian


I cannot wait for self-driving cars, but it’s hard to deny the concerns around computers taking over everything and how we will evolve to manage it.

Our Supreme Meme Leader
Justin Charity | The Ringer


I thought we were laughing so we wouldn’t start crying, but maybe making a joke of it isn’t helping.

When drifting off to exile inside yourself reaches a point of diminishing returns
Nametagscott | Medium


What will be your “agent of transformation”?

Electrical Currents Could Heal Cavities, No Drill Needed
Hannah Poindexter | OMGFacts

Just a quick read on advancements in dental care.  While I don’t have a phobia of going to the dentist I have had some bad experiences so I am always thrilled when any improvements are made!

Seventeen photos of the stunning inaugural ball gowns worn by first ladies over the last 50 years
Sarah Jacobs | Business Insider

An interesting snapshot into history.



Just for fun I thought I would share a song each week that I stumbled upon.